Tailor-made Courses

Tailor-made Courses

Al-Khaleej Academy offers rehabilitation and training courses to public and private parties, which are prepared and adapted to meet the requirements of rehabilitation at such parties, whether in the halls of the Academy headquarters or at the concerned party’s headquarters.

Negotiation skills

It highlights the individual and objective skills in the management of negotiation rounds in different human relations fields.

Official protocol and etiquette of the State of Qatar

It highlights the protocol contexts adopted in the State of Qatar, and aims at improving the skills of those working in the field of the etiquette and international relations.

Public diplomacy

It highlights this activity which combines the communication, diplomacy, media, and public relations, and consists in addressing the public in other states to target other than the sender state. It is useful for those working in the political science, international relations, media, and public relations fields.

Official languages of the United Nations

Al-Khaleej Academy offers training courses in the six official languages of the United Nations,These are Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.

Political analysis

It aims at increasing the abilities of those interested in news and political events analysis, especially those working in the diplomatic corps and the media, and the students of international relations and media and others.

Skills of managing the public relations and media departments

It aims at improving the abilities and skills of those working in the public relations departments, especially those dealing in the protocol and media issues.

Skills of speech at public meetings

It aims at building the individual’s speech capacities at public meetings and within work organizations, especially for the leadership administrative jobs.

Skills of the protocol and etiquette of foreign delegations escorts

It aims at improving the skills of the escorts of the foreign delegations visiting the state in addition to the protocol, etiquette, and crisis management.

Future quest and creation

It aims at promoting the capacities of the participants in terms of analysis of the current situation of the organization (their employer) and the surrounding environment, in addition to questing the future, and developing the strategic plan of the organization.

Public relations and media

It aims at promoting the capacities and skills of those working in the departments of public relations, especially the organization of international conferences and the media.

Diplomatic immunity and the international law

It highlights the diplomatic immunity and relevant application fields along with the strength and weakness points and relevant relation to the international law.

Skills of managing international relations departments

It aims at improving the management of work and individuals within international relations departments, and improving relevant capacities in terms of building international communication networks.

Building leaderships

It aims at providing the participants with the basic knowledge and necessary skills for preparing and improving the experience of leaders in different fields, while developing the level of leadership skills and the creative leadership thought among senior employees of the institutions.

Skills of preparing governmental and official correspondences

It highlights the skills of preparing governmental, including diplomatic correspondences and reports.

Rules of sea straits security strategy

It highlights the logic and procedural sequence in the design of security strategies for sea straits in the world, especially the Arabian Gulf area.

Reading face traits and the skills of criminal investigation

It aims at increasing the capacities of those working in the criminal investigation fields in terms of reading face traits and body language which serve the final conclusion in relevant investigations.

Marine protocol and etiquette

It aims at improving the skills of those working in special fleets and high class vessels regarding the international marine protocol and etiquette.

Skills of management of technical and administrative missions abroad

It aims at promoting the capacities of those working in the representative offices of governmental and semi-governmental institutions abroad.

Protocol and etiquette of senior staff bureaus’ directors

It aims at improving the skills of the directors of bureaus and secretariat of the senior employees and managers of institutions in the field of protocol and etiquette of the bureaus with internal and external institutional circles.

Protocol projects management

It aims at increasing the capacities of organizing and managing official governmental events like the international ceremonies and conferences, and the official visits from / to the state.